Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Curse of the Three Piece Polyester Double-knit Pant Suit

If you recall, perfectly fashionable women started buying these monstrosities in the 1970's, I know because I was paid thousands of dollars to be photographed in them during my modeling career.  All my pictures in those double knits are stunning; accessorized beautifully, photographed in wonderful settings: at a restaurant, in the park and yet, I could never bring myself to actually purchase one. WHY? Because the fabric was not real - it was faux fabric.  Fabric must move with your body, feel good against your skin, the bust darts on the 'shell' should fall somewhere around your breast line. It is not a good thing that when one removed their pant suit, there was no need to hang the garment on a hanger, 'Look, I can stand it in the corner!'

But the worst thing about the look -- most women's derriere hung out beneath the jacket line, and women, if they ever checked themselves in a 3-way mirror, would be horrified.  Oh, and because women  were ladies, also bought into the control-top panty hose debacle,  Oh my Gosh. So the derriere was camouflaged into what? To appear as a shapeless footfall! All femininity was lost.

And now, another curse has come upon the land.  Leggings - I will skip over jeans and just insert this piece of conversation I over-heard. "I finally found a pair of jeans that would fit me."  My response would have been, Maybe, just maybe, jeans are not right for you.

But back to leggings, in reality, the so called leggins I am referring to are not leggings at all...they're TIGHTS, the same old thing we used to wear to our work-outs.  A whole on-line industry has emerged, TV shows and infomercials encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to don skin tight 'leggings' and 'just add a clever top.' Are they insane!

Have we lost all sense of appropriateness, of image and style, of what a flattering silhouette means? Yes, yes we have. 


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Somertime and the Living is Easy

When I think of summer I think of coral lipstick, coral reefs under ocean blue water; I think of a turquoise cotton blouse over a swimsuit and turquoise leather sandals with crystal beads and footprints on white sand. And then I think of  the 'First Time.'

Gently he kissed my lips; knowing it was my first.