Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Donna Karan Saves The Day Again

At a certain age some women begin to feel the glamorous part of their life is over—Nonsense!
The two words can’t be separated.
And I reject the following notions that women tend to fall into as they get older...
As in:
* Must appear sensible and responsible at all times, dress conservatively, don’t be daring, alluring, sensual etc. etc.
* You can wear that, you’re tall
* I’m too old to wear my hair long…although, I personally consider it a worse crime for a first time young mother to cut her hair because she now has an infant… My question: “Is your husband REALLY okay with that since he fell in love with you and your long beautiful gleaming hair?” I’m just askin’.
* Skinny jeans? Oh, I couldn’t do that
*I can’t wear hats
* False eye lashes? Come on!
* Dresses that actually fit the curves of my body…too scary
* Thigh high hosiery for me, for him? WOW
* What? Get rid of all my control top pantyhose? Really. What about my tummy?

Stop it. I am talking about the way your bottom looks in control panty hose. Let me try to explain…to be harsh about it if you stood in front of a three way mirror to check your back side in your trousers/jeans/slacks, it appears as though your bottom is miss-shaped.   In addition, your bottom has flattened out and its natural line is obliterated.
Burn them; shred them all, never to cover your beautiful derriere again—

Donna Karan sheer, toe to waist, panty hose in a nude color if  you must have a nude leg look, but do not want a bare leg.

Solution to that tummy of ours: waist cinchers and support undergarments can be found in every store.  

Stay well.
                                         See you next time…